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Couch Lessons: AI & Ethics

The great promise and opportunity that AI brings must also be weighed against a number of very real ethical concerns. If we’re asking machines to help us make more and better decisions, we must be sure to encode “the right values” into its way of thinking. This asks us to consider difficult questions like: Whose desires and outcomes should get priority? How transparent should AI technology be? In this lesson, we’ll take a closer look at the implications and consequences of embedding AI in society, and how we can establish a more trustful relationship between individuals, technology and regulators.

What you will learn:
• Why does technology need to be ethical?
• How could a standard for AI transparency be conceived?
• Can AI help us to make better decisions?

Carla Hustedt, Project Lead "Ethics of Algorithms" at Bertelsmann Stiftung

Sarah Spiekermann, Author and Head of the Institute for Information Systems and Society, Vienna University of Economics and Business / Austria

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