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Creative Writing Workshop with Musa Okwonga

The Green Library series invites creative writers living in and around Berlin to provide insights into their work and to share their knowledge about writing. It aims to create a space for discussions about nature and the environment. In line with poco.lit.’s broader aims, the series strives to draw forward lesser-heard voices and perspectives, particularly from the global South and People of Colour. And it invites you to take up a pen and start writing as well.

On July 22 at 8 pm CET, Musa Okwonga will teach an online creative writing workshop. Musa’s workshop, with the aid of practical exercises, will examine the three elements of what he calls the “creativity toolkit”: the use of imagery, empathy and narrative to tell better stories, regardless of your experience as a writer. Registration deadline: July 15 (just send an email to

Musa Okwonga is a writer, broadcaster and musician. The co-host of the Stadio football podcast, he has published one collection of poetry and three books.

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