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Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice: a virtual research

Session #1: The “Culture” in Cultural Diplomacy
This first session addresses the concept of "culture" and seeks to expand the understanding of "culture"
that currently dominates the study and practice of Cultural Diplomacy. The session looks beyond
disciplinary orthodoxies in political science, policy studies and international relations, and explores critical
understandings of culture and cultural diplomacy that are informed by the methodologies and approaches
espoused by practitioners and academics in the cultural fields. At its base, the session deals with the myth
of culture’s neutrality, foregrounding the ways in which cultural workers are always already involved in
the politics of culture as well as in the operationalization of diplomacy through their global engagement.

About this Event
This research summit, Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice, responds to increasing calls for analyses of cultural diplomacy informed by the methodologies and approaches of the cultural disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

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