Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice : a virtual summit

This research summit, Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice, responds to increasing calls for analyses of cultural diplomacy informed by the methodologies and approaches of the cultural disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. These specialities have yet to carve out a place for themselves in a cultural diplomacy field dominated by political science, international relations, and diplomatic studies. Bringing together academics and practitioners from both sides of the culture : diplomacy divide, we ask: how do we understand diplomacy as a critical practice? What lessons from the past and present can inform the future? In short, this research summit asks participants to consider how a cultural relations approach to diplomacy opens new avenues to the theoretical and empirical study of diplomacy, and in so doing address wicked problems of the times—cultural conflict, climate change, the biopolitical challenges of global pandemics. Ultimately, we hope these discussions empower those seeking to imagine counter-hegemonic possibilities and more egalitarian and inclusive futures.

Opening Panel: Projection: Toward a Critical Cultural Diplomacy

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