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Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice : a virtual summit

Session 3: The Cultural Relations Approach to Network Diplomacy
In recent years the practice of diplomacy has shifted. The building and management of global relations is
no longer the work of the hegemonic Cold War club of nation-states. The 2020 pandemic, Trump era
politics and the new “culture wars” clearly show that the previous “rules-based order” no longer applies.
State-based diplomacy now coexists with and as a part of network (and networked) diplomacy. In the
global era, patterns of engagement are being established by a myriad of newly-empowered actors
including anti-racist activists, scientists, artists, educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, cultural
institutions, Indigenous communities, diasporas, cities, NGOs and NPOs, philanthropists, and others
whose power is cultural as well as political.

About this Event
This research summit, Cultural Diplomacy as Critical Practice, responds to increasing calls for analyses of cultural diplomacy informed by the methodologies and approaches of the cultural disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

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