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Culture and the Corona Crisis

The Impact of the Corona Crisis

As we grapple with the realities of a global pandemic and adapt to the “new normal,” 1014 and the American Council on Germany are holding a regular series of online discussions about the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, national and international politics, and society. Each week, experts from both sides of the Atlantic share their insights on how we are managing current challenges and what the world might look like after the pandemic.

Culture and the Corona Crisis

Social distancing requirements have abruptly put a halt to most cultural events. While museums and libraries in some communities in the United States and in Europe slowly start to re-open, concerts, performances, and many other cultural events are being cancelled for the rest of the year. How can cultural institutions survive under such circumstances – and will they adapt? What can artists, musicians, and cultural managers do? What will the future look like for cultural institutions? Join us for a conversation with accomplished experts about the unique challenges facing the arts and culture in this unprecedented time.

Elke Buhr, chief editor of monopol, Germany's largest contem

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