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Curators in Conversation with Haim Steinbach

Israeli-American artist Haim Steinbach joins Hirshhorn curator-at-large Gianni Jetzer for a discussion on the intersection of art and curating, looking closely at the artist’s decades-long practice of exploring values and meanings created with the display and arrangement of found objects.

Since the late 1970s, Steinbach’s art has explored the cultural and aesthetic aspects of collecting and arranging already existing objects. His work engages the concept of “display” as a form that foregrounds found items, raising consciousness of the play of presentation. Steinbach selects and arranges objects—which range from the natural to the ordinary, the artistic to the ethnographic—investigating their meaning and associations. An important influence in the growth of post-modern artistic dialogue, Steinbach’s work has radically redefined the status of the object in art.

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