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digital salon: Beethoven Now

digital salon: Beethoven Now features 3 engaged thinkers, performers, and musicians, and asks them why Beethoven is important to their praxis today. Featuring Erina Yashima, a German conductor who has directed important orchestras in both Germany and the USA and has a unique intercultural perspective as a leading young concert artist; Lydia Goehr, a Professor of Philosophy who hails from a distinguished family of German-Jewish musicians and has made landmark contributions to German aesthetic theory and the philosophy of history; and Michael Alec Rose, a significant contemporary composer who has mentored generations of young musicians and articulated a unique connection to music of the past in his writings. All have made Beethoven central to their work through personal and committed approaches, and they come together for an informal and impromptu discussion of Beethoven’s importance to their respective disciplines. In the spirit of a 19th century salon, we ask you to join the conversation to explore why Beethoven matters today. Register for Zoom in advance by clicking on LIVESTREAM or stream live at

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