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digital salon: Translating Cultural Identity

Language lies at the heart of cultural exchange, and translators occupy an essential, tense terrain in enabling transmission across cultural-linguistic borders. The literary translator must reproduce the original text with the greatest linguistic accuracy, while being sensitive to the ways in which the text’s meaning is deeply tied to its Welteinstellung, or attitude towards the world, which cannot be neutral but is always seeped in preexisting and even unconscious suppositions about cultural identity, gender, class, and otherness.
Experienced translators Alta L. Price and Tess Lewis join Duncan Lien, winner of the 2020 Gutekunst Prize of the Friends of Goethe New York, for a discussion about the role of translation in articulating questions of cultural exchange and identity. Duncan Lien will read from his winning translation of an excerpt from the novel Ich bin Özlem, by author Dilek Güngör, which tells of a young second-generation Turkish immigrant’s experience in Germany’s majority society.

The event will also be streamed live on the Goethe-Institut New York's Facebook page at:

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