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From Thinking to Seeing to Acting.

Join Goethe Pop Up Seattle on June 8th at "Unsettling the Apparatus". Our society is in a state of upheaval: The current wave of protests for justice continues across the United States and has spread to Europe and beyond. How do we interpret and confront issues such as systemic racism, political corruption, and anti-Semitism? How do we navigate our modern media landscape to listen to and learn from these issues? Explore these questions through the theories of Hannah Arendt and Vilem Flusser, two Jewish philosophers who fled Nazi rule in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s, and who emigrated to the US and Brazil, respectively.

“Unsettling the Apparatus” will bring together Arendt scholar Samantha Rose Hill and Flusser scholar Andreas Ströhl, who will present some of the key ideas of each of these theorists relevant to the topics above. We will then hear from and see work by artist-theorists Anne Beffel and Brazilian born Simone Osthoff, to learn something about how artists respond to their individual political moments. Finally, we will round out our discussion with Hasaan Kirkland, an independent art curator. Moderated by Ken Winnick.

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