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The Books We Made
A film directed by Anupama Chandra and Uma Tanuku

Duration: 68 minutes, 2016, English/Hindi, with English subtitles

'The Books We Made' is a documentary inspired by the work of Urvashi Butalia and Ritu Menon, both of whom co-founded the first feminist publishing house in India: “Kali for Women". The film is about the joy and pain of surviving in two non-lucrative professions: that of writing for small, discerning audiences; and that of publishing, translating and promoting work barely known outside its own linguistic region in India. The film looks back on Butalia and Menon's thirty years in publishing, and focusses on the feminist politics and friendships that made this survival possible. Butalia and Menon chose to publish writing that had no audience at the time. They succeeded not only in staying afloat, but in developing a readership interested in their books.

You can watch the film by the live Vimeo link which will be available to on 23. September 2020 at 6:30 pm.
After the first screening on 23.09.2020, from 8:00 pm IST, you can join both the film makers Anupama Chandra and Uma Tanuku for a live discussion on Facebook page of Goethe-Institut Kolkata

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