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A film by Anirban Dutta
Duration: 37 minutes, 2019, Bangla/Bengali with English Subtitles
A glorious past withering away in a fast-changing world – The film is about a Postal Runner, a person who runs or walks from one place to another carrying mail bags. The runner used to be held in high regard with tales of his valour coming to life in the myths and folk forms of the land. With improvements in modes of communication, the runner's profession has become almost redundant. Kalipada Mura, one of the last surviving runners, lives in a small town in Purulia, West Bengal, India. Age has caught up with Kalipada, and he seems a mere spectator as the images from the past, present and future pass by. The film gently explores his metaphorical ‘Last Run’, imbuing it with resonances from history, myth, music and folklore.
Anirban Dutta

Anirban Dutta is a filmmaker, a still photographer, and a media educator based in Delhi, India. He started his career in television then set up the film company, Metamorphosis in 2003. He has directed and produced several documentary films.

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