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Ecologies of Attention - Opening Session

Challenged by the situation of global retreat and physical distancing to explore new territories, we accepted the challenge. This naughty infectious agent, tiny and invisible, has managed to completely change our routines. It gave us time to re-think our ways. It taught us resilience and ability to adopt. It opened doors to explore new forms of collaboration and learning.

The result is an online format for re-thinking personal and collective narratives we live by: Ecologies of Attention. It is meant to be a space for sustainability change-makers that seek to nurture their inquiries around living otherwise in different spheres of life: education, food, work, personal and relational levels.

Come and join our home-style opening party of ‘Ecologies of Attention’ program! You will have a chance to meet our co-creators, authors and co-authors of this series, and some amazing musicians offering a mini-concert live!

More info and sign up here:

When: Thursday 14th May, 19-20h CET

Entrance free (do sign up on the event page, to get a Zoom link)

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