Blaue Hintergrundillustration


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Once upon a time of zoom meetings, selfie broadcasting and snap-chat masks there was a country that had LGBTQ+ free zones: ‘zones free of queer ideology’ they called them in the country, but meant: zones free of queer people. The country was part of the EU. The zones were completely mundane and full of strange creatures. We went there. The rest is history.

Direction: Wojtek Ziemilski
Dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker
Set design and video: Wojciech Pustoła
Assistant director: Vera Popova
Co-devising: Sodja Lotker & Wojciech Pustoła
Soundtrack: Jan Sigsworth
Polish thanslation: Mateusz Rulski-Bożek
Consultation: Sean Palmer

Cast: Tenzin Kolsch, Claudia Korneev, Ewelina Pankowska, Adrian Pezdirc, Andjela Ramljak, Jan Sobolewski

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