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Escape from America [Total Recall]

Live Stream with Mouse on Mars, Olivia Block, DeForrest Brown, Jr, Forbes Graham and Bonnie Jones
Streaming links will be shared soon.

Olivia Block – found recordings, electronics (Chicago)
DeForrest Brown, Jr – electronics (NYC)
Forbes Graham – trumpet, computer (Boston)
Bonnie Jones – circuit-bent electronics, text, video (Providence)
Jan St. Werner– live mix, electronics (Berlin)
Andi Toma – live mix, electronics (Berlin)

A collaborative online concert by six improvisers, composers, and experimental musicians from Germany and the US, in which they embrace the glitches and asynchrony that are endemic to long-distance, live streams to explore a different form of spatial performance. The aim is to explore a new sort of streaming sonic spatialization, one that subverts the compulsion in music production and consumption for rigid synchronization.

Each of the artists will perform from a different geographic location (Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York, Providence), feeding their audio and video into a multi-channel stream that is mixed live with auat Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin by Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma from Mouse on Mars. The result will be live stre

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