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Exophony: Mother Tongue Other Tongue


Poet, curator, translator and cultural theorist Ranjit Hoskoté presents a selection of his poetry written in English. In his poems Hoskoté combines mythology, history and linguistic play with questions related to the Indian subcontinent. The actress Banafshe Hourmazdi will read the German translation from the volume "Die Ankunft der Vögel" (Hanser, 2006).

Thereafter Ranjit Hoskoté will speak about the concept of ‘mother tongue’, a concept that is set against all other learned languages as 'foreign' languages (other tongues). Hoskoté critically questions the idea of a socially normative language, national affiliation and the politically forced standardization of languages.

The evening concludes with a Q&A via Zoom chat and Facebook comments.

The Zoom meeting room will open at 4:50pm (CEST).

A live stream is available on Facebook:

The event is organized in cooperation with Literaturhaus Köln. The program series is funded by Kunststiftung NRW.

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