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EXP___ Artist Collaboration

Artist Collaboration EXP___
EXP___ © Goethe-Institut

Thu, 05/21/2020 -
Mon, 11/30/2020
Facebook Group "EXP___"

Detroit, USA, Berlin, Germany and Région PACA, France
Go against EXPectations!
The Goethe-Institut Chicago and Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Chicago present EXP___: EXPberlin, EXPdetroit, EXPpaca

Together with Your Mom's Agency, we are launching a fully digital exposure and collaboration platform for experimental music of all genres from Berlin, Detroit, and the PACA region between June and November 2020.

EXP__ stands for EXPerimental and EXPonential: musicians and technologists, including newbies, are invited to EXPeriment musically and let their creativity EXPlode freely. The EXPerimentation level combined with the potential collabs with other EXPmembers is EXPonential.

How to become an EXPmember? Simply join the Facebook group, check out group members' posts and tracks, give constructive feedback, exchange skills, ask for tips... interaction is highly encouraged as we will send digital gifts to the most supportive EXPmembers.
Next, share one of your experimental pieces if you would like. A piece is selected every month and the artist/s receiv

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