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Film premiere FAMILIA By Edgardo Castro

Director´s comment about FAMILIA:

I have a nocturnal family. In my father's house live my mom, dad and my 35-year-old sister. My parents are retired and my sister did not study, nor does she work. She just cooks for them and competes with my mother in her computer or cell phone games. Their lives always begin after noon, the first one to get up is my sister to prepare breakfast, some hours later my mother joins in and some time later my father, and there begins the real routine, which they repeat every afternoon and evening: watching television, playing their games, eating and tidying up the house. They only go out to provide themselves with food and other needs. Every end of the year, on the eve of the holidays and my birthday, I travel for two weeks from the Capital and live with them. Everything happens in the same house. FAMILIA is a claustrophobic, overwhelming film, where the city can only be seen from inside the house, through its windows.


The film will be available on the same page on Saturday, May 2nd. From 21:00, Edgardo Castro will talk to the audience through the Instagram account @edgar_castro_cine

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