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Finitude and Fragile society–Socialism, Freedom, Secularism

The theme of this year's CRIC, the Festival for critical culture is *Finitude and Fragile Society - Socialism, Freedom and Secularism*, inspired by Martin Heglund's book *This Life - Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom*.
It is more than clear that at this moment we are all facing possibly the most important challenges for which we have discussed only academically and epistemologically, struggling to apply them in the societal context – what does practicing mean, the rooting of a responsible, solidary, empathic and emancipatory critical community and culture. But, at the present time we are confronted with the most vulnerable face of the world, which does not exist anymore only in the smart books, in massive conferences and forums or in the intellectual paradigms.
17.09.20, Thursday
19:30 *Death & Sexuality* – dialogue between Artan Sadiku and Stanimir Panayotov
18.09.20, Friday
19:30 *All time is all time 9 min.*– Photographic film by Ivan Blažev
19:40 *Prolegomena for one communitative engagement* – key lecture by Nebojša Vilić followed by short presentations of Natali R. Pavleska and Jovanka Popova.

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