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FoodFeature #02: Food Design and Behaviour by Honey & Bunny

As part of the new food design program FOOD:FABRIK, we kick off with a series of online public talks which we call FoodFeatures. Every Wednesday 7pm Amman Time, we invite experts from the food design industry to present their diverse research interests and practices about the topic. The aim is to build theoretical understanding of the discipline and expand the knowledge of it in the region.

Our second FoodFeature invites renowned architects, artists and designers Sonja Stummerer und Martin Hablesreiter, better known as - Honey & Bunny to give a talk about food, design and sustainability. They describe food as the most important design good that human beings have. They analyze the symbolic values of food design and think loudly about sustainable (food) design ideas for a healthier future.

About the speaker(s)
Honey & Bunny: Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter
Sonja and Martin studied architecture across Europe. After graduation, they worked in Tokyo before founding the transdisciplinary studio focused on social and ecological sustainability; Honey & Bunny in Vienna. They have directed the movie “Food Design” and published books and held exhibitions related to the topic.

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