Blaue Hintergrundillustration


FoodFeature#3: Gastrophysics: Multisensory Experience Design

In our third FoodFeature we focus on the senses and food design, and for this topic we invite two guests specialized in multisensory design: experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence and sensory food designer Laila Snevele.

As an opening, Professor Spence will explain the new science of eating, known as Gastrophysics, where the scientific approach to perceiving with all our senses is used as inspiration by designers, chefs, and anyone involved in the food and beverage industry, to create enhanced multisensory tasting experiences. He will describe the emerging world of sonic seasoning; where it is possible to change the taste of food and drink simply by changing the music one listens to.

While in the second part, designer Laila Snevele will present her practice where she arranges the knowledge available from multisensory research and combines it with creative application in food design. This will show where creativity can lead you in the field of food design and explore speculative scenarios on how we might eat in the near and far future with our senses in the spotlight!

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