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FoodFeature#01: Food as an Object of Design by Martí Guixé

The Goethe-Institut Jordanien launched the new food design program FOOD:FABRIK. The program kicks off with a series of online public talks called FoodFeatures. Every Wednesday 7pm Amman Time, we invite experts from the food design industry to present their diverse research interests and practices about the topic. The aim is to build theoretical understanding of the discipline and expand the knowledge of it in the region.

Our first FoodFeature invites renowned designer Martí Guixé to give a talk on Food as an Object of Design addressing the history, the main cornerstones, the role and importance of the discipline. The talk will move from his unique theoretical foundation of food design to his personal practice, including edible objects, performances, business models and speculative projects around food and design.

Martí Guixé is considered the pioneer of food design field. He has published various books on the discipline, and has been awarded numerous prizes for his contribution to the field of design. His work has been exhibited around the world including at the MoMa, and the Centre Pompidou. Since 2014, he has founded the study program of food design in the SPD Milano.

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