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German Cinema Now! Maria Speth's "9 LIVES" (2011)

The monthly Goethe Pop Up film series GERMAN CINEMA NOW supports artistic works that amplify the plurality of voices and experiences to inspire public dialogue.

This month’s screening will take place online; the film will be available only within a six-hour window for watchers from the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Register in advance. All ticket purchases ($0-25) support Northwest Film Forum.

About the film:
9 LIVES (2011). Maria Speth. German w/ English subtitles. 105 minutes.

9 Lives introduces young people from different strata of society who chose to live on the street. Rather than showing the young people on the streets, the films chooses to place them against the neutral background of a studio, where they talk about themselves, facing the running camera. The filmmaker limits herself to a few remarks or questions from off screen. What unites the young people are broken life stories, neglect by parents and family, domestic violence, social prejudice, homelessness, and drug addiction. And yet, despite all the destruction and painful experiences, each individual is endowed with remarkable strength and talent, which form the focus of the film.

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