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Global Afrobeat eFestival

Afrobeat’s rise in global popularity in the past decade has unavoidable. With a rich history based on instrumental figures such as Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, and Oghene Kologbo dating back to the late 60s, it is more than a commercial fad.

To commemorate this Rhythm Passport is co-hosting the online Global Afrobeat E-Fest on Saturday 23rd May with Belgian DJ, radio presenter, and music curator Mukambo. This mini-festival will include live music, DJs, and discussions streamed via Facebook, all in the name of afrobeat.

For the timing being, this is the timing in London Time (GMT+1), subject for change:
16.00-16.30 Talk 1: Tribute to Baba Tony
16.30-17.30 DJ-set 1: Chief Commander Yaaba
17.30-18.00 Talk 2: Women in Afrobeat
18.00-18.40 Live set: Carapaus Afrobeat feat. Oghene Kologbo
19.00-19.30 Talk 3: Global Afrobeat Movement
19.30-20.30 DJ-set 2: Mukambo
20.30-21.30 DJ-set 3: Eric Soul (AFROGROOV)

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