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Goethe Pop Up Seattle Book Klub: "When We Speak of Nothing"

Join Goethe Pop Up Seattle at our next online book club meeting! Simply send an email to to receive the Zoom access code.

The book club is free and open to everyone interested, but participants must purchase the individual texts themselves and are expected to have read the title to be discussed prior to the meeting.

In July the book club explores the work of German authors in English; this month we will be reading Olumide Popoola's "When We Speak of Nothing". Built on multiple threads of suspense, this urban coming-of-age story places the question of difference at the heart of storytelling. An ode to queer black life, it mirrors the author’s own multi-cultural experience as a person with multiple ancestry and cultural contexts. The fluid prose, peppered with contemporary slang, captures what it means to be young, black, and queer in London.

This book is available only in English; the discussion will be held in English.

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