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Haase & Rößler Duo - Hyper Paradoxie

The Haase & Rößler Duo (of musician Johannes Haase and visual artist Tilman Rößler) is a collaboration between two genres, an ongoing dialogue between image and sound, the interrelationship of which creates a new form of audiovisual performance and at the same time breaks with the conventional analogy codes between film and music. In Hyper Paradoxie, moving images and music meet as equal voices and create situations and moods, telling paradoxical stories. The audiovisual content is neither synchronous nor asynchronous, but is explored, re-tested and rethought at every moment. In interaction with the violin, preparations, effects and loops, the moving images are constantly reinterpreted.
Johannes Haase - violin, effects, loops
Tilman Rößler - video projections, effets, loops

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