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How clubs in Berlin, Moscow and Kazan deal with the crisis?

Berlin is the world club capital. Nightlife attracts millions of tourists to the city every year. The clubs alone employ up to 9000 people, but their activities affect the income of tens of thousands of artists, promoters and their teams.

How do more than 200 Berlin clubs experience the crisis? Will the clubs be able to reopen after several months of inactivity? How effective are joint initiatives and how does solidarity help clubs survive? Do online broadcasts help Russian clubs? What will happen to the music industry after the crisis?

We will discuss these and other questions with Lutz Leichsenring, board member and speaker of the Clubcommission Berlin and VibeLab (Berlin), Stepan Kazaryan, concert promoter, co-organizer of the Bol festival, founder and organizer of the first showcase festival in Russia Moscow Music Week, founder of Connected Agency (Moscow), and Ruslan Chizhov, co-founder and director of independent music art space Werk, ideologist of "Isolenta" community, employee of the Center for Contemporary Culture "Shift" (Kazan).

The discussion will be moderated by Andrey Morozov, promoter, founder of the Fields festival and agency.

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