Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Indlela Ebheke e-Azania

Musical work in 3 parts, based on a historical African legacy.

Rhapta, the southernmost trading port of Azania in the 1st century AD: the people of this place were great in stature, proud agriculturalists and great innovators in terms of metal working science.

They traded with the ships anchored on the bluffs of the city, who came from many parts of the world. Places like Iran, Rome, India, Egypt, to mention a few.

Part 1‘Indlela’: covers the journey traversed by abahwebi (traders) to distance lands in the region.

Part 2 ‘Rhapta’: remembers the city-life of this trade port, as well as its strong communities surrounding it.

Part 3 ‘Kuumbi’: is about the cave which acted like a hotel, where sojourners would stay whilst conducting their business in the trade vicinity.

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