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JAMA – 74th Year of Milan Adamčiak

Fans of contemporary art may look forward to the festival dedicated to one of the most important Slovak conceptualist, artist and musicologist Milan Adamčiak even during the pandemic. On Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of October, they may attend the second edition of JAMA – the 74th Year of Milan Adamčiak. This year, however, JAMA will not take place according to the original plan, it will be a two-day online event broadcast from Banská Štiavnica and Banská Belá.

It features the Slovak premiere of the unique sound performance I Am Sitting In A Room by American experimentalist Alvin Lucier, which is also in the MoMA collection. This will be performed by the musician Fero Király and Eva Vozárová together with the German guest of JAMA, the sound artist Hauke Harder, who collaborates with Lucier as his assistant and the performer of his works in Europe.

Program will be divided into four blocks. It features two workshops, concerts, symposium and wandering through the country in the footsteps of M. A. It will be broadcast from the interior as well as from the exterior.

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