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Jan Řepka - Songs from Prague

In his regular YouTube Live Stream Jan Řepka sings and comments on songs which make you grab your own instrument and play along. He plays his own tunes and song-translations, he covers more and less known songs of other Czech authors and the other way around: he introduces remarkable music from foreign countries.

Every stream has its own main theme based on the actual time (Easter, May Day), on the personalities (Gundermann, Dylan, Matter) or other highlights. In the end of every month in a stream called Jukebox Jan fulfils (almost) every song for the asking.

Czech is naturaly the main language, but there are songs and stories in English, German, Polish or French, too.

Jan Řepka (born in 1982) is a Prague-based singer-songwriter, storyteller and translator. He is respected for his song-translations from Swiss German (Matter), German (Gundermann, Keimzeit, Dota) and English (Dylan, Simon). He's also a pioneer of bicycle music touring in Czechia and its neighbourhood (Slovakia, Poland).

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