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Emotions happen in the body, while feelings form in the mind.

As a critical part of the human experience, we examine these two aspects of daily life from the viewpoint of the artist, the varied perspectives that exist, and our collective memory.

Daddo Gyan's RAW-HEART-NO-FRILLS approach to music is influenced by the doo-wop, highlife, blues, reggae and folk music he grew up listening to. Often found weaving stories with his raspy singing voice and guitar, Daddo has graced stages big and small - from concert halls to cozy lounges, with a few of his songs setting scenes in award-winning films from Accra to Cannes and everywhere in-between.

Daddo is a self-taught singer-songwriter and producer based in Accra. His songs weave stories about life, positivity and different kinds of love. Daddo's sound has been described as Folk-infused RnB and Soul, often performed with Just an acoustic guitar, piano or minimalist instrumentation. Most of his songs are in English, with the ocassional Pidgin or Twi song.

Daddo originally trained as a filmmaker in Ghana, South Africa and Finland, and it was during his Film studies that he discovered his passion for music

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