Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Theater play

Kornél Mundruczó/Proton Theatre/ÓDZ: Winterreise

"For me, Winterreise is the apotheosis of being on the road. Always being on the move. Waiting for one does not know what, as if in purgatory. For me, the imigrants’ purgatory is like a refugee camp. Anyone can end up there, but no one knows the principles of judgement.

Schubert’s traumatic motifs provided me with a special opportunity to think about man’s perpetual alienation. And to ask whether art can provide a refuge when the very fundamentals of life are questioned?

The video-installation film cells show actual residents in a Hungarian refugee camp. The time spent with them was an inspiring experience, which, with the help of a few telling scenes, confronts the problems of fundamental existence that countless people have. When I withdrew from the deprivation and hopelessness of their world, I was seized by such deep shock that I could no longer account for it with words, only with music. The refugees’ generally uncertain and structure-less existence, involuntarily slipping into a state of vegetation, accentuates the nightmare and reality behind the music."
Kornél Mundruczó, director

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