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I Can't Breathe - Respiration Chaos and Poetry

CRIC - festival of critical culture, is a platform that advocates for affirmation of artistic and cultural practices, their critical capacities and their applicability to animating and critically mobilizing social processes.

Franco Bifo Berardi (born 2 November 1949) is an Italian communist philosopher, theorist and activist. He was a key figure in the Italian Autonomia movement of the 1970s that embraced the worker’s capacity for social change. His work mainly focuses on the role of the media and information technology within post-industrial capitalism. Berardi has written over two dozen published books, as well as a number of essays and speeches. Currently he is working with the magazine Derive Approdi, as well as teaching social history of communication at the Accademia di belle Arti in Milan. He is the co-founder of the e-zine and of the telestreet movement, founding the channel Orfeo TV.Recent publications include: The Uprising (2012); The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy(2009); and Precarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism and the Pathologies of Post-alpha Generation (2009). Berardi lives and works in Bologna.

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