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Listening to History: Revisiting Memory through Soundscapes

The notion of the soundscape is a compositional technique which creates a sonic environment for the listener to immerse herself in. Often aesthetically intriguing, even mesmerizing, soundscape compositions invite listeners to acquire a new perspective and critical angle on the subject or space they pertain to. They can open up a temporary zone for rethinking one's understanding of a given milieu, its history, actors and relations that govern their actions.

In this conversation, composers Yvette Janine Jackson and Jacek Smolicki consider soundscapes and their potential for capturing events and characters from the past and connecting them with the present.

Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer and sound installation artist focused on bringing attention to historical events and social issues.

Jacek Smolicki (b.1982, Kraków) is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, researcher, and soundwalker interested in attending to (as in paying attention) and recording (as in calling to mind and heart) the diversity of human and other-than-human realms and existences.

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