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Listening to History: Sound, Space and Remembrance

How can listening to a space of historical trauma, like the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nürnberg, help us find lost or new narratives in history? Can sound help re-tell the story of colonization and histories of Africans in the contemporary world? In this online conversation, scholar and author Louis Chude-Sokei and sound artist Emeka Ogboh consider their sound practices within the context of memorialization and ask if the medium of sound can point to new ways to remember and honour all narratives of the past.

The conversation begins with the following presentations:

History is Listening: Race, Sound and Living Archives
Louis Chude-Sokei, founder of the Echolocution Project discusses the project’s dependence on a history of Black engagements with history and technology via sound and its commitment to archiving spaces of historical trauma ranging from Nuremberg, Germany, to slave sites in the African Diaspora.

The Spaces of African Memory
Nigerian Sound Artist Emeka Ogboh will discuss his evolving methods of creating sound installations rooted in both his culture and his ongoing engagement with the experiences and histories of Africans in the contemporary world.

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