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Listening to Rivers

Rivers, the earth’s irrigation systems, are vital to life – central to agriculture and industry, and a perennial motif in human culture. The rich, immersive soundscapes that they create form the focus of this online event.

Annea Lockwood and Leah Barclay are sound artists who for decades have been drawn to rivers for inspiration. Join them for this online audio presentation and conversation, introducing sound work that arises from the soundscapes of rivers, including recordings made around major arteries such as the Danube and the Hudson. Lockwood and Barclay will discuss the significance of their works, the ways that its processes and objectives have developed over time, and what they have learned in the course of their enduring relationships to the world’s waterways.

This event forms part of an events series addressing issues relating to sound and ecology, programmed alongside PRAKSIS’s seventeenth residency, Climata - Capturing change at a time of ecological crisis. Climata has been developed with sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek and Goethe-Institut Norwegen. It includes collaborations with Norsk Teknisk museum, Gruenrekorder, and Notam.

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