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#LNDI2020: The public space in times of crisis

Global crises shape the public space. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, life has largely shifted into the private and digital realms. It will probably be a long time before subways and concert halls fill up again, while at the same time hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest against police violence and racism. How must the public space change in order to reconcile social participation and social distancing? How can life despite recurring crises be made socially acceptable? Urban planning and architecture are increasingly asked to investigate the resilience of spaces.

Thomas Mann Fellows Doris Kleilein and Friederike Meyer will talk with Oliver Elser and Felix Weisbrich about the impressions and events of the past months and ask about their significance for the public space. The conversation will be in German.

Organized by Thomas Mann House, the German Museum of Architecture (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main, Jovis Verlag and the online magazine BauNetz as part of the German Federal Foreign Office's Long Night of Ideas 2020. | More information on the Long Night of Ideas 2020 and the complete program under

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