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Making Sense of Space in Relation (Ecologies of Attention)

This module offers an inquiry into relational ecologies, an investigation of the everyday surroundings, and a journey towards expanding attention to the resources it takes to maintain our worlds. We invite you to explore the seemingly invisible implications of many familiar processes in our daily lives, like writing an email, ordering a product, eating a dinner, or watching a house being built.

Session 1

The first meeting will revolve around an embodied inquiry into relational ecologies, looking at space through adopting the perspective of things in the flow of time, understanding complexity and “l’imaginaire du monde”. You will be invited to map the territories of your interests and engage into a process of investigation of your direct environment, questioning the widespread logic of bad consciousness.

Homework. Yes, there will be homework.

Session 1: 15th May 2020 16h-18h (CET)

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