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Meet the Residents of Climata

Join the participants of Residency 17, Climata: Capturing Change at a Time of Ecological Crisis, as they introduce their work online, followed by questions and discussion.

Climata aims to explore acoustic ecology, bio-acoustics and soundscapes. It asks what can sound tell us about how the world is changing? How does sound impact bio-diversity? And how might change be represented to instigate meaningful change? Despite the enforced distance between residency participants, we intend to keep to this agenda and invite you to join us for an evening of presentations and conversation.

Climata runs from 30 April until 17 October 2020. It has been developed with Lasse-Marc Riek and the Goethe Institut and is held in collaboration with Norsk Teknisk Mueum and Notam. The residents participating alongside Riek are Teju Adisa-Farrar (US), Siri Austeen (NO), Sarah Kazmi (PK), Margrethe Iren Pettersen (NO), Elly Stormer Vadseth (NO), Gustavo Valdivia (PE), Geraldine Vanspauwen (BE) and Maria Wang Kvalheim (NO)

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