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Midweek Spotlight #1 | Natalie Greffel

▻▻▻Live at Oyoun◅◅◅
Natalie Greffel is a Berlin based vocalist, instrumentalist, composer and arranger. She is known for her work with various projects as well as her stylistic flexibility.

After moving to Berlin in 2010, Natalie decided to pursue a music career, and since then has worked with several groups such as Radio Citizen, Onom Agemo and the Disco Jumpers as both a singer, composer, lyricist and bassist.

Natalie will play songs from her newest release Para Todos. Her music goes through a universe of its own which unites the old stories of wailing jazz, earthy sounds of nature with the joyful flows of MPB (Música popular brasileira). As Natalie takes the audience through a celebration of its own, one feels more than inclined to forget about tomorrows dull routines and worried frowns and enjoy a musical trip which she provides together with her four people power band.

This event is free to attend and open to all - please support the artist(s), buy their music, check out their links or donate. 💶


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