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Midweek Spotlight #2 | Ezé Wendtoin

▻▻▻ Live at Oyoun ◅◅◅
Ezé Wendtoin Music is an artist who yields his talents into many projects. He is a songwriter, a musician, an actor, a moderator as well as a story-teller. Originally he comes from a family of drummers, pastors and blacksmiths in Burkina Faso. At an early stage in his life, he developed an interest for the language of Goethe, which later led him to pursue a degree in German Studies with great passion.

Preferably, Ezé versifies, composes and sings in German, but also in French and his mother tongue Mooré. He plays the drums, the guitar, the bendré, and many other instruments from Burkina Faso. His musical combines Afro-Folk, Chanson, Punk-Rock, Latin and West-African Rhythms. His texts can be described as humorous, poetic and filled with social criticism.

This event is free to attend and open to all - please support the artist(s), buy their music, check out their links or donate. 💶
IBAN: DE21 8505 0300 0221 1149 12
Reason for payment: Schulprojekt Burkina Faso


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