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Midweek Spotlight #4 | Alhousseini Anivolla

▻▻▻Live at Oyoun◅◅◅

Alhousseini Anivolla is a desert blues guitarist and composer from Niger. Born and raised in the Sahara, traveled the world and resettled in Berlin, Alhousseini belongs to the Kel Tamashek people. He has been representing the rich cultural heritage of the nomadic tribes from Niger around the world since his early beginning.

Alhousseini had been part of the Tinariwen movement and later on gained a remarkable reputation as the main singer and guitarist of the nomad blues band Etran Finatawa. He also released his solo debut ‘The Walking Man’, one of the '10 best Desert Blues' albums according to Songlines magazine. Then came the album ‘Osas – It's time!’ with his Berlin trio project Anewal.

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