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MTNBushfire #KeepTheFireBurning Digital Festival

Inspired by the festival’s #BRINGYOURFIRE call to action for positive change, the #KeepTheFireBurning live-cast is part of MTN Bushfire’s COVID-19 response to support our beneficiaries, Young Heroes and boMake Rural Projects.

Using the power of the arts to keep hope alive and celebrate our diversity, the #KeepTheFireBurning Live Experience will present an eclectic line-up of electrifying performances, featuring some of the dynamic range of artists who have graced the festival’s stages over the last 13 years, as well as specially recorded “at home” sessions from a range of global artists. Immerse yourself in our renowned authentically African and globally-infused program.

With Howler’s innovative technology, we’ll be recreating the festival’s multi-dimensional experiences through exciting themed Zoom rooms, all for a worthy cause. Ignite your inner fire with our explosive selection of music, poetry, and uplifting messages.

A full line-up of artists and influential entertainers will be announced soon. Register now by clicking below. If you wish to make a donation, you can do so when you register or during the digital event.

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