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My Name Is Francesca


MY NAME IS FRANCESCA has invited the German visual artist Patrick Morarescu to an online artist talk with the Francesca's:
Francesca Lolli, Francesca Fini, Francesca Leoni and Francesca Interlenghi from Italy.
My name is Francesca is an online gallery and platform which also invites artists to talk about their work and life.

Patrick Morarescu, born in Munich (Germany), studied at the Academy for Photography and he currently lives and works between Berlin and Mallorca. His chosen medium is the photographic one, but his stylistic code based on versatility leads him to experiment with a mixture of different languages. In addition to his performance projects, since 2010, he has conducted a photographic research that today collects the portraits of 250 different performer with the aim not to document their artistic actions but rather to capture the personalities that underlie these actions.

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