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NODES – ART+TECH ENCOUNTERS: Reimagining Diversity

As AI contributes to the next revolution in human history, the automation of society through algorithms is also at risk of perpetuating and increasing harmful societal biases and inequalities. Due to the lack of diversity in the training data sets and staff, commercial artificial-intelligence systems like facial-recognition programs often contain categorizations and are based on morally irrelevant criteria such as gender, origin and skin color. They are opaque to the majority of the global population. Far from being neutral, these systems can lead to exclusion, disadvantages and iniquity.

Which steps can organizations take to minimize the risk of perpetuating societal biases? What role can art play in this process? And what can the US and Europe learn from each other in tackling these challenges?

Participants: Lorena Jaume-Palasi (CEO of The Ethical Tech Society, Germany), Rumman Chowdhurry (Global Lead for Responsible AI at Accenture Applied Intelligence, US), Nimah Gobir (STEAM Education Producer and Project Manager at YR MEDIA, US), and Rashin Fahandej (transdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and Assistant Professor at Emerson College, US)

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