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Non-Event at Home: Wendy Eisenberg

WENDY EISENBERG is an improvising guitarist, banjo-player, vocalist and poet based in Western Mass. Using the languages of free jazz, new music, extreme metal and art song, her music sets to pose and expose the questions surrounding the human body in the world and the representational and technical demands placed on it in artistic practice. She has written and performed in numerous projects, including the critically acclaimed experimental band, Birthing Hips, described by NPR as “brainy, noisy punk based in sonic adventure, technical mastery, and rejection of the status quo.” Her work as an improviser has led to collaborations with Ted Reichman, Joe Morris, Damon Smith, John Zorn, Travis LaPlante and Zach Rowden, among many others.

Presented as part of the Non-Event at Home series.
Venmo: wendy-eisenberg

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