Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Of fragility, disposability, brittleness

Starting from the work that Valeria Graziano, Marcell Mars and I are developing with an extended network of practitioners, activists and scholars around Pirate Care ( -- a project aimed at initiating processes of collective learning from the disobedient grassroots practices of care emerging in response to the neoliberal "crisis of care" -- my talk will critically reflect on the notion of care. Throughout our lives we depend on the support of our kin, friends, strangers and institutions to sustain ourselves - and to sustain the world in which we and the future generations have to live. That interdependence of human and non-human existence defines the relations of care, and the effort to sustain them defines the labour of care. The constant labour necessary to sustain that interdependence makes our finite existence fragile and collective.

The lecture will be followed by a discussion moderated by Anastas Vangeli.

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