Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Online Performance #PROTEST

#PROTEST- is an experimental theatre project brought by director Žilvinas Vingelis and experimental visual theatre company “Kosmos theatre“. Inspired by circumstances of quarantine project aims to analyze the boundaries of theatre and seeks adapt with current situation with openness, quickness and relevance with theatrical creation. Online performance broadcasted live from actors’ home offers a fresh thought of current humanity issues in themes of loneliness, isolation, social distance, online communication, narrowness of expressions, obscurity, fear and responsibility to others.
Specially for this project created Goda Simonaitytė piece #PROTEST takes us to 2220, an utopian republic of Monaksy (Greek Μοναξιά – “Lonliness“) where isolated people meet each other online to learn the forgotten social skills and to bring back the eventually lost emotions.

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