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Opening: We, the People!

The last couple of years, the notion of ‘the people’ has played a crucial role in the debate about Europe’s future. From upcoming politicians, to European leaders, from the yellow-vests to Hungary’s Milla movement. Everybody claims to speak on behalf of the people. But who are the people of Europe? Are some politicians right in claiming there is no European demos at all? Or is the idea of a European people still alive?

In times where we literally feel more isolated than ever, we theatrically explore who we are and how we relate to each other. Together with Ivo van Hove, the Forum created two earlier one-off performances for the Forum. The performance Re:Creating Europe travelled to Manchester International Festival and Théâtre d l’Odéon in Paris.

We welcome the audience to visit this exclusive event in ‘Internationaal Theater Amsterdam’. There is a limited amount of seats available, so make sure to get your ticket!

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