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Pandemic Nation-State - Repression & Art - Aroh Akunth

Presentation and Discussion with Aroh Akunth about state repression and engaging Art practices in India

Aroh’s presentation will provide insights into how socially engaging art practices are effectively mobilizing and raising concerns about state repression and State’s active usage of incarceration to suppress dissent, foregrounding the centrality Social Media enjoys in both cases.

Aroh Akunth has done their Bachelor’s in Social Sciences from Ambedkar University Delhi. They went on to pursue Criminology at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and are currently doing their Masters’ in Modern Indian Studies from the University of Göttingen, Germany. Akunth curated the Dalit Art Festival (Delhi) and Bahujan Art Festival (Mumbai). They are the founder and current curator of the Dalit Queer Project, which deals with generating communities around caste and queerness in virtual and physical spaces. They are also involved in setting up the Dalit Art Archive which looks at histories of Caste and Art critically.

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